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Shirley Spinning and Nonwovens has established itself commercially as the leading UK specialist for all Spinning and Nonwoven production.


Our staff have a substantial wealth of experience in the field of Cotton Spinning and Non Woven production and trials. We can supply a wide range of products.

Spinning and Nonwovens

Shirley Spinning and Nonwovens can produce or trial a wide range of spinning and non woven materials. From wool, polyester, polypropelene, cotton, viscose and any other fibres – that are suitable for non woven production. Our staff have a substantial wealth of experience in both the field of Cotton Spinning and Non Wovens production. We can produce these materials in a variety of colours, widths and weights either needle bonded or oven bonded. Our most common products are woollen fleeces used in the clothing industry, filter materials with or without a glass scrim or scrims to be needled to other materials.




We can open and blend a wide range of fibres and colours on our Platts Blender / Opener, either small or large quantities. The Blender / Opener is capable of adjustment to cater for a wide range of fibre lengths, and will give a consistent, even blend for further production in the textile industry.

Lap forming

We can make high quality laps on our Trutzschler Scutcher using a variety of blends, fibre lengths and colours, to form a lap approximately 96cm wide in various lengths and fleece weights gsm. Ideal for making laps to suit high production cards in the spinning industry.


On our Platts high speed revolving flat cards we can supply a canned or bagged sliver of a range of weights, colours and blends ideal for further production in the spinning and textile industry. As our cards are predominately made for short staple spinning the cards are limited to fibre lengths of approximately 60mm.


On our Platts Globe drawframes we can supply a canned or bagged drawframe sliver that has had 1 – 3 heads of drawing. The drawframes have the capacity for upto 8 feed cans either side to give a very good quality, even and smooth sliver of various weights. The drawframes were predominately made for short staple fibres so are limited to approximately 60mm staple length fibres. The finished sliver is ideal for further production in the spinning and textile industry.


On our Platts speedframes we can supply a roving of various weights from 0.96g/m to 5.5g/m with a range of twists and drafting. We are an accomplished company in providing roving to be cut and used for cotton plugs in pipettes. The roving bobbins we make can also be used in further spinning processes, and can be supplied as a tapered roving bobbin or on a flat flanged roving bobbin.

Other Products

We also have a Platts ringframe capable of making yarns from approximately 60s cotton count to 12s cotton count, with Z or S twist. A Platts open end spinning machine with Fine, Medium or Course grooves for a variety of cotton counts and twists, this only has a limited amount of ends so is only effective for trials and samples. Finally a Leesona winding frame with Hand Knotters for winding ringspun yarn onto cheeses.

Our highly skilled and experienced team have a wealth and breadth of knowledge which is unsurpassed.



Hunter needle puncher

Our Hunter needle puncher is ideal for small needling trials on a wide variety of fabrics and fibres. We can needle fabrics up to a width of 30cm with a wide range of penetration depths and penetration rates, using a range of different needles from forked, barbed or side hook.

KBN needle puncher

Our KBN needle puncher is ideal for Needling a wide variety of fabrics and fibres up to approximately 1.1m wide. We can use various types of needles including forked, barbed and side hook, the KBN is capable of various speeds, penetration depths and penetration rates to produce an evenly needled fabric.

Cross lapper, needle puncher and batch up

We can make many different types of non woven fabrics on our cross lapper, using a variety of fibres, once the fabric has been cross layered it then can be needled on the built in needle puncher. The fabric is then wound onto tubes into rolls on the batch up device or continues into the oven to be oven bonded. We can offer neat plus trimmed edges also with our machine set or cutters.

Roller and clearer card

Our Tathams roller and clearer card consists of a hopper, weigh pan, double cylinder and doffers and 2 sets of clearer rollers, all this adds up to making an even web that can either be taken off as a sliver or continue onto the cross lapper. The card can process a large variety of fibres and blends with the capacity to process different staple lengths.

Oven bonding

Our Tomlinson oven is ideal for oven bonding non woven fabrics, it has a range of speeds and temperatures to give the best possible finished oven bonded material. The maximum input width of fabric to the oven is 1.2m but will shrink during bonding, then can be put on tubes and made into rolls. Temperature will go up to approximately 200 degrees C.

Ultrasonic bonding

On our Hunter Pinsonic machine we can bond and pattern fabrics using ultra sound waves, we can do this on fabrics upto approximately 25cm wide.

For more information on any of the services listed please contact a member of our team on +44 (0)161 367 9030


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Our highly skilled and experienced team have a wealth and breadth of knowledge which is unsurpassed. Whatever your Spinning and Nonwovens requirements Shirley Spinning and Nonwovens is in a unique position to provide an in-depth quality service across the full spectrum of textiles and fibres, processes and tests.